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Artist Statement:

I am an artist. Though, I tried everything in my power not to be. I fought so hard to find an acceptable career path, one which would bring financial stability while also satisfying the creative urges I could never shake. For 20 years, I studied every discipline I ever had any interest in: Music, Zoology, Physics, Engineering, Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, Cooking, History, Education, Mathematics, Animation, Writing. I even managed to squeeze in a couple art classes along the way. However, no matter the direction I choose, I always ended up crashing and the artist in me would force his way out. I’d let him loose for a time, until I began to feel satisfied. Then, I would lock him back up in his box and return to my search for a REAL job. That all changed the moment I finally earned a couple of degrees. The second I put my pencil down and turned in my last Final. I knew instantly that I had completed that chapter of my life. The time for learning was over, and the time for My Art had begun.

As a child I was completely obsessed with understanding The Way Things Work, the drawings of da Vinci’s impossible machines. I was mesmerized by Escher’s mind-bending etches and sketches. Confused by Dali’s symbolic surrealism.  Drawn in to the whimsical worlds of Seuss and Silverstein. Blown away by brilliant minds of Einstein and Tesla. I wanted so desperately to understand the way they thought and brought life to their creations. And dammit, I just wanted a treehouse or a hidden underground bunker, where I was safe from the outside world, to create. But the treehouses always got torn down and I never figured out the logistics of my plans, which I drew up, kept hidden, and never told anyone about, of digging out a bunker in the backyard with a secret entrance. I started it once, but I didn’t get very far with only a shovel.

Now, as I fully embrace being an artist, I understand why it took me so long to get here. I wasn’t ready. I needed to first learn to See and Understand the world. I had to go through pain, heartache, and get dragged along that rocky bottom, so I could truly empathize and connect with others. But, now I’m ready to do this. I have the knowledge, bigger shovels, and the strength I need to finally bring my thoughts and visions to life. I’m ready to return to that child I left behind so long ago and to his Awaiting Dream:  

021_Awaiting dream_8x10_edited.jpg

Andrew rola

Paintings <> Drawings <> Sculptures <> Handmade Prints

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